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  Meet the Team

The Team

Leanna Abraham

4th Year CS Major

Courtney Hogan

4th Year CS Major

Nathan Safir

3rd Year CS Major

Jack Towery

4th Year CS Major

Connor Dooley

4th Year CS Major


Milestone 1

Evaluate some computing-related task or problem

Objective: Demonstrate in-depth analysis of the problem including
1) Who the users are
2) Why the problem is important
3) What existing solutions exist for this problem
The key goal of this milestone is to demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem you are addressing.

Problem: Many students at UGA with disorders and disabilities such as ADHD or visual impairments may wish to request extra testing time for tests in the courses they are taking. However, with the current online resources provided by the University of Georgia’s Disability Resource Center, it is difficult for students with ADHD and other disorders to reschedule tests.

  Presentation   Report

Milestone 2

Develop interface design alternatives for the tasks and problem

Objective: In this milestone, you will use the knowledge gained in Milestone 1, as well as that from readings, to develop a set of design alternatives for your problem. These multiple design alternatives should explore the potential design space for the problem.


Milestone 3

Implement a prototype of one of the alternatives

Objective: In this milestone, your team will implement a detailed prototype of your interface. In the second requirement for P3, you’ll be developing an initial usability evaluation plan. Use your evaluation plan to help guide your interface construction.

  Live Prototype  Presentation (Captioned)  Report

Milestone 4

Evaluate the design

Objective: In this milestone, your team will conduct a detailed evaluation of your prototype. Specifically, you should conduct a Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough, Predictive Evaluation, Retrospective Testing Interview, and a Think-Aloud Evaluation, as well as distrbute a questionnaire to particiapnts.


Final Video Presentation

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